Ron Music Creative

Ron is the driving force behind Artist Boutique, always looking for new artistic ideas, techniques and disciplines. He has a keen eye for the wishes of clients. He knows how to touch an audience and entertain them in a way they don't forget. And he has the drive to make artists shine, to offer them a platform that makes them show their best skills.

Live & Bites

Integration of digital techniques for even more impact.

For more than ten years, Ron has immersed himself in the digital integration of live performance, computers, light and stage effects. For example, the Artist Boutique productions contain custom sound and light effects that make the whole even more powerful. Ron programs them in his own studio and thus ensures a unique experience that you won't find easily elsewhere.


Sound designer, composer and arranger

Ron is responsible for a large part of the music of Artist Boutique. Using music software such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live, he creates sounds, compositions and musical effects. By seamlessly interweaving them with the live performance, he knows how to whip up the energy level to unprecedented heights. Truly A Party to Remember!


On location Ron often finalises details with the artists to jump in on the atmosphere and setting of the evening. No matter how good your preparation is (and Ron is very well prepared): every event is unique and every situation is different. That requires a lot of your improvisation skills. Flexibility is therefore an absolute must in this business. We are not used to anything else.