Flexible X-mas Show

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We gave an energetic and cheerful mini show for 1200 visitors, spread over the whole day. Unsuspecting guests arrived  in a groups of about 15 people. We received them in a fairytale atmosphere and ensured interaction, positivity and cheerfulness. Because of all Covid restrictions and the long period without theater, nightlife or concerts people were extra enjoying this.


  • Custom made songs
  • Stage decoration
  • Costumes
  • Divas Of The World show
  • 11 hours non-stop 
  • 450 cars
Custom shows


"You were really fantastic and everyone enjoyed you so much!"


In a period were events were exclusively online, this live performance was extra well received. our lesson: the connection, the energy and interaction is inextricably linked to our industry.


To complete the fairytale experience, the styling of the artists was taken care of down to the last detail.


The connection of young and old through music was clearly visible again. Maybe not bouncing on the floor, but bouncing in the car.