Calvin Klein Party

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Surprising opening act for a PVH event. Better known for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. With two stages, programmed lighting, great vocalists and off the chain choreography, it was a performance where everything fell into place down to the last detail.

Show ingredients:

  • 2 vocalists
  • 5 musicians
  • 35 dancers
  • 200% swag
  • programmed light show
Custom shows

Our client:

"Sublimely executed, extraordinary!"


  • 2 choreographers
  • 1 creative director
  • 5 rehearsals
  • 40 artists
  • 35 vegans



An old-fashioned boys vs girls battle that literally splashed off the stage.


Together with PVH, we have chosen and adapted the opening act so that it fully matches their identity. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your own opening show!

Custom made

To meet the high standard of PVH corporation