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Artist Boutique

English website version available from 1 October

Unique entertainment for spectacular events. From live music, interaction, dancers and striking costumes to theatrical elements, special effects, light shows and much more. All visualised, staged and presented in-house by talented, creative artists.

We do this for companies, event agencies, party animals and producers looking for something out of the ordinary. Your event is taken care of from beginning to end. We also offer customised productions.

Artist Boutique is no ordinary booking office. We conceive, produce and perform everything ourselves. Every single act, no exceptions. All done with passion, with drive and with an eye for detail. You’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised.

We are based in the Netherlands and operate globally. Want to know more or bounce ideas off us?

Call +31 (0)35 543 5675 or send an e-mail to: contact (at) artistboutique (dot) nl

English website version available from 1 October


What we do
A DJ or live band for every event, from small and intimate get-togethers to mega musical experiences.

Attention to detail
The difference between ‘a nice evening out’ and ‘an unforgettable event with lasting impact’ is in the details. Music, dance, costumes, presentation, timing, light, stage and special effects… everything has to be perfectly coordinated.

Years of experience
Talent and enthusiasm alone are not enough to ‘nail it’. Knowing how to put together a balanced production at the highest level requires a long learning experience. So, what sets Artist Boutique apart? Of course, a fine eye for detail is necessary, combined with an enormous amount of passion and flair. But there’s also the ‘X’ factor: experienced artists who know each other inside out and who are aware of exactly what’s required.

Event partner
All our concepts are in-house productions. This lets us keep a tight grip on production and ensures everything runs smoothly. It also makes it easy for us to customise our concepts and tie in with your plans for a one-of-a-kind event.

Name dropping
Our artists have worked with and for: MTV, TMF, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Robin Thicke, Candy Dulfer, Robbie Williams, Sensation White, NIKE, ADIDAS and MCI Group. And they have appeared in many television shows in the world wide.

Why Artist Boutique?