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Dancers in futuristic LED suits, slick choreographies and heavy beats all make for a steamrolling performance. Colours and music can be fully customised. The suits are computer-controlled so that choreography, music and lights are fully synchronised. It doesn’t get more awesome than this.


  • Guaranteed success with WOW factor
  • Choice of 2, 3 or 5 robotic dancers
  • Colours can be customised
  • Can be combined with other acts

A Party to Remember


It doesn’t get more awesome than this. Guaranteed WOW factor.


You can book DanceTronic separately for a dazzling show with music, lights and dance. Want to take it to another level? Combine DanceTronic with a laser show or, for example, with Hot Town or one of our DJs.

  • Stand-alone act
  • Part of Hot Town
  • Freestyle with a DJ
  • With a laser show


DanceTronic is guaranteed to make an explosive impact: dancers in futuristic LED suits, slick choreography and heavy beats. Dance, music, lights and colour morph to create a hypnotic show.