Do you want to organise a staff party, celebrate a milestone or anniversary or invite your business associates to an exclusive event? We’ll create an unforgettable experience that puts your company centre stage. A musical event that resonates with your employees or business associates and boosts your brand.

Move and engage

The power of music moves and engages people, even more so when accompanied by a fantastic show with a raft of special effects, beautifully dressed dancers and extraordinary acts. Musical entertainment is the perfect way to bring employees together and showcase your company to your business associates.

At Artist Boutique, we understand that an event must radiate the brand and identity of your company or organisation. In that sense, we are an extension of you. We represent your image and your brand values, the things you stand for. Take a look at some of our successes:


Tailor-made act for a business party at the RAI exhibition centre

Event tailored to a special theme for an anniversary

Winter party with a spectacular grand finale for a publisher


Do you want your event just to be tasteful, or do you also require it to convey a message? There are many possibilities. Think of a special theme with custom-created costumes, a video on a big screen that we integrate into the show, a song we write and perform especially for the occasion, special acts... you name it. We always start with the why. Why are we organising this party and what do we want to achieve? What are the origins of the company and what are its plans for the future? Together, we then decide how this information is to be incorporated in the show. Of course, we also look at the most appropriate staging and décor: a traditional, classical atmosphere or an edgy spectacle that lets the audience go crazy?

Well prepared and flexible

It’s our job to make your party a truly memorable event. We pull out all the stops to achieve this. Through effective communication, consultation and planning, we organise your entertainment exactly how you want it (and always try to exceed your expectations). We make sure everything is planned to perfection. If anything has to be changed, for whatever reason, that’s no problem for us. We’re extremely flexible and highly adaptable. We know you are already busy enough as it is.